NUDES (2014)

(Source: mouldmap)

Webgodter: Blaise Larmee


Raighne Hogan Dec 9 (2 days ago) Hi Blaise. So, I’ve started tinkering a bit w/ Archive 2, After the shower, C… 5 older messages

blaise 10:15 PM (13 hours ago) hm … it is a little difficult … i will try

Raighne Hogan 10:16 PM (13 hours ago) to me Thanks Blaise!

People who like to write/draw have a template they follow. I suppose I do too. My template is maybe at the poles of objective and subjective language. Creating a space (how often have I said that phrase) where my gestures can be interpreted ambiguously. Not the concrete ambiguity that I am so often accused of, but an ambiguous ambiguity, something that could easily be sincere or attempting to convey a direct message. Here is a direct message: recursion is a safe space, a rhythmic space, a space to build up a confidence of language. The context of that sentence, however, might seem to be avoiding following a thought to its conclusion. Or any sort of middle, even. Or simply to be stuck in the middle. Recursion … I’m not sure what I’m doing. Recently I have wondered, without much emotion, whether I have failed as an artist. This is something that is easy to admit. I have come to understand that any embarrassment I move through (imagine two walls of revolving latex I must squeeze through) is a good thing, good meaning a morally ambiguous movement towards my role as a lower middle class artist with upper class pretensions. A movement towards capitalism, towards financial success. Failure … I have created a template and the template is not strongly rooted. It is [a number of popular academic terms] and designed for a lifestyle that is secure, whose security allows the practice to float freely and lazily. Now, however, being working class (and not just performing the working class in a rarified realm) I wonder if I have made a mistake in refusing to tether myself to outward, mnemonic work habits. Of course, this is the perfect place to store these (rather minor) insecurities: copy for a new, published book. This book was edited by Raighne Hogan, who made an interesting and somewhat exhausting selection of existing work, including a surprising amount of photographic works, and there will be a large body of new work as well.


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Blaise Larmee for Mould Map